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TVM_coverDiagnostic Services – ValvPerformance Testing™ Cycle Isolation Measurement

Leaking valves are costing power plants £M’s in lost energy and maintenance downtime. Fugitive emissions are also a major factor in certain industries and so must be eliminated. ValvTechnologies’  ValvPerformance Testing™ provides innovative solutions for efficiently maintaining valve populations and solving valve leakage problems.

Right now, given your industry’s economics, consider the cost and time savings potential of treating all your system’s valves like a “fleet.” Determine fleet economies. Generate fleet savings.

This is ValvPerformance Testing™, ValvTechnologies innovative cycle isolation measurement program. At last you can make a smart investment in the profitability of your operation by letting us provide superior services and product solutions backed by our specialized engineering and support staff, plus our worldwide network of representatives. No other company is so qualified to help you turn valves into bottom-line savings. A program implementation includes operational cost assessments useful for prioritizing valve repair and/or replacement undertakings during pre-outage and determining the success of the repair or replacement during post–outage. Gain better control of steam losses. Reduce the cost of fugitive emission. Every element of a ValvTechnologies’ ValvPerformance Testing™ is quantifiable: We report the numbers. Our results determine the cost of lost steam and return-on-investment calculations. We give you the building blocks of an in-depth history database for predictive replacement analysis. Not only are energy costs reduced, but maintenance cost reductions can be realized and shut-downs simplified. Ask us about our ValvPerformance Testing™ program savings for your fleet.

ValvPerformance Testing™ is a non-intrusive acoustic inspection process which ascertains leakage levels in valves whilst in operation. ValvTechnologies Europe technicians conduct the on site survey which can cover 75 valves per day. The results are then analysed by specialists at ValvTechnologies head office in Houston and a technical report issued outlining the impact of the leaking valves on plant unit efficiency in terms of fuel savings (costs and fugitive emissions). This allows customers to take restorative action. Payback of 0.01 years is not unusual.